All-Weather Lifeboat Back In Jersey Today

5th December 2017

The previous St Helier Crew alongside the George Sullivan all-weather lifeboat. Credit: RNLI

The RNLI has announced it is returning Jersey’s all-weather lifeboat this afternoon.
The George Sullivan is due back at the Albert Quay at 4pm.
The charity removed the vessel last month when it closed the St Helier station in a row with the former crew.
The inshore boat returned to service yesterday, and the RNLI says new volunteers will now be trained on the all-weather boat.
Area Lifesaving Manager Liam Krige says he wants it back in action within the next three months.
“We are delighted to welcome the George Sullivan back to its mooring today. This is an important milestone in our plan to restore a full lifesaving service to Jersey with a local volunteer RNLI crew at the earliest opportunity.
“Volunteers with previous lifeboating experience have already completed the first stages of their all weather training in Poole and will now return to the island, with the recently serviced lifeboat. We hope to have the boat back in full service with the new crew by the end of March 2018.
“We thank the local volunteer crew for the considerable commitment they have shown to us, and to the people of Jersey. We look forward to the recruitment open days this weekend and to providing the high standard of training needed to run our lifesaving service.”
The George Sullivan’s return comes on the day of another public meeting – this time in St Peter – about the island breaking away from the RNLI and setting up an independent lifeboat service.
The RNLI recruitment open days are taking place on Friday and Saturday. The charity has also released footage of the new crew in training:

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