‘Weather Bomb’ Could Bring Wintry Showers

4th December 2017
A cold snap is on the way, with temperatures in Jersey set to plummet to just 6°C by the end of the week.
It’s caused by a “weather bomb” – a fast, deepening, depression – which is set to sweep across Britain bringing wet and windy weather this week.
Snowy Landscape

Wintry weather is already affecting parts of the United Kingdom. Image Credit: Sky News.

Scotland is expected to bear the brunt of the bad weather, but Peter Munns from Jersey Met has told Channel 103 it’ll have some impact:
“For us down here, it’s going to mean some strong winds – maybe up to gale force – along with some rain which will occur as we go through Wednesday and into the early hours of Thursday.
“The most notable feature of this weather bomb will be a cold, northerly plunge. We’re already putting wintry showers in the forecasts for the end of the week.”

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