Weak Decision-Making Added Hospital Costs

23rd November 2017
‘Weak decision-making’ over the site of Jersey’s new hospital has meant extra costs and delays.
That is the conclusion of the States’ auditor.
Comptroller & Auditor General Karen McConnell’s review covers the period from March 2012 to February 2016 – when People’s Park was dropped as a potential site.
She says weaknesses in the decision-making process mean that during that time, there were additional costs and delays that are “difficult to justify”.
The report identifies a need for the roles and responsibilities of Ministers and officers to be clearer, and says urgent change is needed in a number of areas if better value for money is to be achieved.
These include a need for high quality records to be maintained, as she claims a confused and poorly-documented process hampered progress.
Overall, the C&AG says arrangements for deciding where the half a billion pound new hospital will be built were poor, and ultimately, that decision took too long.
You can read the full review here

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