Two Men Commended For Bravery

18th October 2015

Two islanders have been commended by Jersey’s Police Chief for stepping in to help victims of crime and help catch the offenders.

The men are said to have gone ‘above and beyond’ what was expected of them.

Grzegorz Karkoszka broke into his neighbours’ flat after hearing him in distress, to discover he had been attacked with a weapon.

He stopped the person responsible from leaving until Police arrived, and stayed with his injured neighbour until he was given medical help.

A second man, Iain Talibard, chased away a sex attacker and alerted officers to where he was.

The Chief of Police said his intervention prevented the woman’s ordeal becoming far more serious.

Mike Bowron said Iain’s courage and fast-thinking were commendable, as was his bravery in giving crucial evidence at trial.

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