Tuna Catch Ban Introduced

14th September 2018

Fishermen aren’t allowed to catch and keep Bluefin tuna in local waters from today.

The Environment Minister, Deputy John Young, has introduced a new ‘zero bag limit’ which completely bans recreational anglers from landing the endangered species.

It applies to all fishing vessels, whether from France, the UK or the Channel Islands.

The ban comes after a 102-kilo Bluefin was caught by a local leisure fisherman off Jersey’s south west coast last weekend.

Fisheries officers reacted by asking people not to go after them.

UK and Jersey commercial fisherman are already prohibited from targetting Bluefin tuna.

Earlier this month two French trawlers netted more than 40 of the fish and took them to Granville to be sold.

It’s understood further measures to protect the species in Jersey waters are being considered.

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