Trust’s Bids To Buy Coastal Spots

13th June 2018

A campaign group has backed The National Trust for Jersey’s efforts to buy and preserve two pieces of the island’s landscape.

A strip of coastal duneland in St Ouen’s Bay and agricultural fields overlooking St Catherine’s Bay are up for sale.

The latter is owned by the States, while the former is in private ownership.

Both are within the boundaries of the Jersey National Park, which was formed to promote and protect the natural environment.

The National Trust has submitted an undisclosed bid for Pine Walk and is trying to raise enough in donations to tender for the dunes between La Braye and El Tico before next week’s deadline.

“We are determined to safeguard this land and the the incredible wildlife that it supports for ever and for everyone, but we desperately need your support to make that wish a reality.” – NTfJ

It is valued in excess of £200,000.

Jim Hopley, Honorary Chair of the Jersey (Coastal) National Park Interim Working Group, hopes for reasonable negotiations:

“This is not criticising the owners, if they want to get some value out of it – the owners in one case being the States- but I think there has got to be room here for some sensible negotiation. I don’t expect them to give the land to the National Trust, but I expect them to communicate and come to a sensible agreement for the benefit of both parties, but more importantly for the benefit of the whole island.”

A decision on the sale of the fields at St Catherine’s will be made by the new Infrastructure Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis.

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