Trainer With Tumour Helping Others Fight Ill-Health

14th October 2015

A 21 year old Jerseyman is defying the odds by walking again following a serious stroke.

Harry Zambon, who is a personal trainer, told doctors being paralysed ‘wasn’t for him’, and has since made miraculous progress in physiotherapy sessions.

Since his stroke seven weeks ago, he has been diagnosed with brain cancer and is being treated in Southampton.

But he is hoping to be back at work next month and is pledging to give free fitness sessions to islanders who’re battling similar conditions.

Harry told Channel 103, ‘You can either crumble, or just accept it and get over it. There are some people who aren’t strong enough to deal with that. If I can give someone my an ounce of my positivity to help them get over cancer then that’s the least I can do.’

*photo from Zambon Fitness

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