Tourist Centre Moving To Bus Station In April

7th December 2017
Jersey’s tourist information centre will move to the bus station next spring.
The centre moved to the museum from Liberation Place in February last year – and will have a new home again from 16th April.
LibertyBus Director Kevin Hart explains how it will be set up.
“The desks are going to be seperate. We are going to have a tourist information desk and we are going to have our customer services desk. Our staff will all be trained up so they can step in and help if needed and vice-versa. We will have some core staff that will be predominantly tourist information and some customer services information, but they will be multi-skilled so they can step into each others roles if needed.”
It will be under contract for the next 4 years – with an option to extend after that.
Mr Hart says he hopes the move will have a positive effect on passenger numbers.
“If we get increased patronage at the same time, then that is fantastic to get more cars off the road. What you want people to be doing is seeing the island on a bus, coach and in whatever forms of transport. The last thing they want to be doing on holiday is driving.
“Impartially, we will be promoting bus tours, coach tours, bus service taxis and any other forms of transport around the island.”
The centre has been on the move regularly over the past few years, after spending decades at Liberation Square.

The tourism office had to move in 2007 as part of the Liberty Wharf development.

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