Taxi Drivers’ Send Angry Letter About Reform

12th October 2015

Taxi Drivers weren’t consulted on plans to overhaul the industry and now feel ‘it’s a done deal.’

That’s according to the President of the Jersey Taxi Drivers’ Association, Mick Tostevin, who has written to the Transport Minister addressing his concerns.

Among the least popular changes put forward by Deputy Eddie Noel is to make all 150 Public Rank Taxis able to take passengers in wheelchairs.

But, in the letter, Mr Tostevin says other proposals are ‘equally nonsensical’ – including taxi drivers no longer being able
to take a phone call booking.

“What possible reason would the Minister want or even be able to enforce this idea?

“I have driven a taxi for many years and like many of my colleagues I have a circle of people, including family and friends, who phone me from time to time. Providing I am not busy I will pick them up.

Mr Tostevin’s letter ends by saying the proposals have raised serious questions about Deputy Eddie Noel’s ability to be TTS Minister.

Addressing the States Assembly last week, Deputy Eddie Noel said ‘his door is open’ to members of the industry, but he intends to enforce the proposals.

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