Tamba Park Holiday Village Plan Refused

26th July 2018

Plans to build a new holiday village next to Tamba Park have been refused by the Environment Minister.

Tamba owner Jonathan Ruff put forward the plans last summer, which would have seen 27 two and three bed moveable lodges.

The previous Environment Minister Deputy Steve Luce called for a public inquiry, because he said it would be a significant departure from the Island Plan.

A Planning Inspector recommended the village be approved. He said on balance the environmental and tourism benefits overcome those concerns.

However Deputy Young disagreed.

“Building a 27-unit holiday village would result in serious harm to the landscape and character of this area and the envisaged environmental enhancements and tourism benefits are not enough to overcome this harm.

“This development also contravenes the strategic aims of the Island Plan, which seek to locate development in sustainable locations. If approved, it could set a precedent for other proposals in the countryside which go against our agreed Island Plan policy.”

He concluded that approving this will set a precedent for other proposals in the Green Zone that go against the agreed Island Plan Policy.

Mr Ruff says he will challenge the decision, which he called ‘wrong’ and ‘shocking’.

He says the Deputy’s reasoning for rejecting his application is nonsense.

“Has he even been down there? Has he seen what’s there already? He’s talking like its his lovely green fields and sweeping hills. It’s not! 

“It’s a massive concrete glasshouse. What we’d be doing would benefit the island.”

Jonathan Ruff, the owner of Tamba Park

Mr Ruff has also accused the Deputy of always being against the plan.

“It would appear that Deputy Young was always against the application. When I look back six months ago, I’ve found Facebook posts when he’s commented on other people’s posts regarding the application.

“He said on those posts that the development should never be built. I don’t think the Deputy should have made the decision. I think he’s conflicted. Not only did he have an opinion about it before, he also turn ed up at the planning inquiry, which you’re not allowed to do.

“To go against the independent planning inspector is beyond me. What is the point of having and spending all that money on getting an inspector over to make a decision, if we’re just going to ignore it?”

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