Tamba Owner Submits Plans For 8 Town Flats

12th October 2017
The owner of Tamba Park wants to convert an old church in St Helier into eight flats.
Jonathan Ruff’s property development company has submitted plans for the former United Reform Church building on Victoria Street.

Jonathan Ruff, the owner of Tamba Park

JAJ Properties has applied for permission to create 6 one-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom apartments inside the listed church building, which dates back to 1861.
The design statement says the development is “essentially an internal conversion”, and the “vast majority” of the structure will remain untouched.
The project’s architects say the design of the flats will be “appropriate” for the 156 year old building.
They add that their plans include “significant ‘public realm’ improvements”, although no parking will be provided for residents.
Mr Ruff has told Channel 103 that the completed flats will go on the market for between £240,000 and £275,000.  He hopes to have people living in them by this time next year.
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