Support For Opt-Out Organ Donation

7th December 2017
More than half of islanders want Jersey to introduce a ‘presumed consent’ system for organ donation.
It would mean our organs are automatically donated when we die, unless we opt-out.
The latest Lifestyle survey of 1300 households reveals support for presumed consent.
52% agreed it should be introduced, 29% were not in favour and the rest weren’t sure.
While three quarters would want a transplant if they needed one, and 55% said they would want their organs to treat others when they die, only 14% were on the NHS register.
Of those that don’t carry a donor card, 40% said they ‘hadn’t got round to it’ and 21% ‘weren’t sure how’ to get one.
The survey also revealed that 17% of adults thought family should be able to stop a donation even if a relative is to be able to stop donations, even if a relative is registered.
Health Minister Senator Andrew Green says he hopes to make his mind up over whether he will pursue the ‘presumed consent system’ before Christmas.
“I have got islanders opinions now. I need to look at it. I hope actually to make up my mind whether I am going to pursue this before Christmas. Ok, it won’t be lodged before then, but I might be able to come back and say ‘yes, I am going to pursue it’ or ‘I need a couple of questions answered’ before Christmas.”
Wales introduced presumed consent in December 2015, and saw an immediate rise in the availability of organs.



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