Students Still Uncertain About Finance

12th October 2017
Not enough is being done to address the lack of information for students heading to university.
The Student Loan Support Group says more than half who answered its latest survey don’t know how much funding they will get next year.
4 in 10 said they had received no details at all about the existing system.
Nicki Heath says a very high number remain unhappy with the current offering:
“74.6% were reporting that the current system does not meet their needs, so that is still a long way away from ideal. It’s a lot of students that aren’t getting the access to Higher Education that they have the ability and desire to do, purely based on the wealth of their parents.”
Ministers have promised details of a funding plan at the end of next month to coincide with the 2018 Budget.
“Parents do lose faith in what Ministers will actually do because it’s always ‘we’re working on it – we’ve got this plan or that plan’ We won’t believe it an until we see it in writing.
We need a solution quickly, and we want it in place so that students going into Higher Education in September next year can do that in confidence, knowing that they have got the Education Minister’s backing, and actually the island’s backing so that they can go an fulfil their potential.”

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