Student Grants For All

28th November 2017
All eligible students will get public money towards their tuition fees, under plans announced today by the Treasury Minister.
Delivering his budget speech, Senator Alan Maclean declared that grants will be offered to all students
Household with an income of less than £150,000 will get 100% of their tuition fees paid by the government.
Homes with an income of more than £150,000 will get 50% towards the cost of their fees.
That has been based on a standard UK degree costing £9,500.
Senator Maclean said there would be additional funding for specialist degrees such as medicine.
The Minister has also announced changes to means-tested maintenance grants – increasing maximum eligibility limit from £63,500 household income to £95,000.
The long-awaited announcement comes in response to many months of campaigning for a Student Loans scheme to help families struggling to cover the cost of a University education.
“I believe that extending Jersey’s current grant-based system is a better option than the introduction of a loan scheme
We will avoid burdening our students and their families with additional debt, incurring the costs of administration and adding further borrowing to the States’ balance sheet.
The plans I have announced today will go out for consultation including the local student population and their families.” – Senator Alan Maclean
He said the money would be found for 2018 and 2019, but the next States Assembly would then need to find an extra £4m a year to keep the extended grants scheme going.

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