States Workers Offered New Pay Deal

10th August 2018

The States has made a two year pay offer to staff, including nurses, doctors and manual workers.

The deals are for 2018 and 2019, and will be backdated to January.

The offers include an average of 6.6% for nurses and midwives, 7% for doctors and 7.9% for manual workers.

The four groups that accepted the previous Workforce Modernisation offer will get an average rise of almost 11%.

Workers earning more than £100,000 have had their pay frozen.

Assistant Chief Minister Constable Chris Taylor says the offers represent a ‘considerable increase’ in the States pay bill, and are ‘the most we can afford’.

They will cost an extra £33.6 million over the two years.

“While we fully recognise the need to help employees with the rising cost of living, we also recognise our duty to islanders to contain the cost of the public sector. These pay offers are worth the equivalent of £700 from every taxpaying Jersey household and business.

“This further underlines why we need to modernise our public services, so we can cut inefficiency and waste and focus public spending on essential frontline services and the staff who run them. We need to reduce the cost of running government, or there could be financial pressure to increase taxes.”

States of Jersey Chief Executive, Charlie Parker, said: “These pay offers seek to achieve the best deal possible, tackling entrenched equal pay issues and raising the incomes of the lowest-paid employee groups, while keeping within the limited budget allowed under the MTFP2 settlement.

“Our priority is to target the biggest pay rises at nurses, midwives, low-paid manual workers and colleagues in uniformed services, and that is where we have focused our offer.”

The offers on basic pay which have been tabled to trade union representatives:


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