States Told To Focus More On Childcare

5th December 2017
Early years education needs to be a higher priority for Jersey’s government.
A review of services says the island needs to do better to make such all babies and toddlers get the best start in life.
The report from the Early Years Childhood Partnership is the same one that is ensuring universal free access to 20 hours preschool education remains.
States’ plans to means-test parents have been scrapped on its recommendation.
It says all families should be able to access ‘gold standard’ free early education that fits with their work patterns and personal preference.
It says children who benefit from high quality childcare start school three months ahead in literacy and language than those in poorer-quality settings, and eight months ahead of children who don’t go to nursery at all.
“It focuses on children, and improving their life chances. It is really important that we regard young children with the importance that they deserve. They are vital to the future of the island. They are the island’s future citizens.”
You can read theEYCP report here

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