Some States Roles Still Unassigned

12th June 2018

The make-up of Jersey’s States still hasn’t been finalised.

Today’s meeting lasted just 26 minutes.

The chair of each Scrutiny Panel was expected to choose their teams.

Senator Kristina Moore had already made her pick for Corporate Services, because she couldn’t make it to today’s Sitting.

Political newcomers Constables Richard Vibert and Karen Stone and Deputies Steve Ahier and Jess Perchard will work alongside her, reviewing the policies of the Chief Minister, Treasury and External Relations departments.

Scrutiny leaders were chosen last week following the appointment of Ministers to their positions.

The Privileges and Procedures Committee remains constituted because Senator John Le Fondre was not at today’s meeting to put forward the Chief Minister’s choice of members.  He missed the Sitting to attend a meeting of the British Irish Parliamentary Association.

A decision on the President of Chairman’s Committee was also deferred until 26th June – because of Senator Moore’s absence.  She is hoping to get the job.

The following members were picked for panels:

Public Accounts Committee: Deputies Rowland Huelin and Carina Alves (chaired by Senator Sarah Ferguson)

Economic Affairs: Deputies David Johnson, Scott Wickenden and Kevin Pamplin (chaired by Deputy Kirsten Morel)

Education and Home Affairs: Constable Simon Crowcroft, Deputies Rowland Huelin, Trevor Pointon and Jess Perchard (chaired by Deputy Rob Ward)

Environment, Housing and Infrastructure: Constables Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard, John Le Maistre and Deputy Kirsten Morel (chaired by Constable Mike Jackson)

Health and Social Security: Deputies Trevor Pointon, Carina Alves and Kevin Pamplin (chaired by Deputy Mary Le Hegarat)

Planning Committee: Deputies Graham Truscott, Jeremy Macon, Richard Rondel, Scott Wickenden, and Constables Deidre Mezbourian and Karen Stone (chaired by Deputy Russell Labey)

There has still been no announcement about the appointment of Assistant Ministers.

Normal business resumes on 26th June.

Several items of business the new Assembly had been expected to debate have been withdrawn, including the ‘Access to Justice’ law which will now not be discussed until September.

Talks on the referendum on the future role of the Bailiff have been delayed until 10th July, and the Education  Minister Deputy Tracey Vallois has asked for more time to consider the proposition about the compulsory purchase of land for the new Les Quennevais School.

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