Starter Packs Donated To Homeless Charity

7th August 2018

40 Starter packs of clothes and toiletries have been delivered to a Jersey homeless charity.

T-shirts, socks, underwear and other basic essentials will be handed out to all new residents at the Sanctuary Trust.

The items, that come in reusable cotton bags, have been donated by the Jersey Rotary Club.

Acting Manager of the Sanctuary Trust, Carl Blackmore, says they’ve wanted these packs for a long time.

“Men will often turn up to us and they will have literally only what they stand in.

“So the thought that we’ve often had is to have a welcome pack, so that from day 1 we can work on their self-esteem and self-worth as we build in the process of the long journey, often, of getting the guys back into society.”

The items will be delivered to new residents from October – when the Trust’s home, that’s currently being renovated – re-opens in October.

“To actually have to make that difficult call to come to somewhere like us and say look, I need help, is something a lot of men would find very difficult to do and indeed do.

“If we’ve got these things here where they don’t have to ask for them, they’re just part of what we do, then that just helps enormously in those early days.”

The Rotary Club de la Manche donated the bags by drawing on charitable funds held by the club alongside discounts received from certain suppliers.

The reusable cotton bags have been supplied and screen-printed by Beresford Street Kitchen.

Rotarian Paul Hesten from the Rotary Club, who led the project, is delighted to see the work come to fruition.

This has been a most rewarding outcome and the discounts we received from Tim Murphy and Johnson allowed the overall cost to be reached within an agreed budget. Sanctuary Trust is an essential and well run local charity and working with Carl on this project has been a pleasure and we are pleased to have been able to support Sanctuary Trust in this way.”

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