Stage Set For World Cup Screening

11th July 2018

The stage is set for tonight’s big-screen World Cup event down at the Waterfront.

The last-minute event was only announced by the States yesterday, meaning there wasn’t time to apply for licenses for alcohol.

Deputy Kevin Pamplin hopes that won’t take away from the atmosphere:

“We just want to make sure it goes well, that people make sure they’re safe; they can come down with their families; tourists can come down; French supporters or other team’s supporters can come down and enjoy it together. We want it to be harmonious. It’s about the football, we just want to enjoy the game and we just don’t want any opportunity to spoil that for people.”

The stage is set for the upcoming matches.

This afternoon, the States of Jersey announced other restrictions on what items are allowed in the park:

  • All bags will be searched before entry is granted
  • No alcohol is permitted
  • No glass bottles or glass containers
  • No dogs
  • No portable chairs are permitted
  • No umbrellas are permitted
  • No ball games or other sporting games are permitted
  • No vuvuzelas or trumpets or musical instruments

A statement says the conditions are there “to keep people safe in a confined space and to ensure the event is well-managed.”

The doors open at 5:30pm, with the game starting at 7.

The screen will stay up this weekend, for Saturday’s third-place play-off and Sunday’s final.

Marina Gardens will open at 1:30pm on Saturday, and 2:30pm on Sunday.

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