Bellozanne Smell Could Be Addressed

2nd December 2017

The States will be asked to address the smell from the proposed sewage tanks at Bellozanne.

Deputy for the area, Andrew Lewis has lodged a proposition demanding £4.1 million is found to put lids on the Primary Settlement Tanks at the planned new sewerage works.

He says the smell has disrupted the lives of First Tower residents for decades.

The current budget for the replacement plant does not allow for the caps on the Settlement Tanks.

Deputy Lewis says:

‘The building of the new plant is a once in a generation opportunity to resolve this matter once and for all. DFI should be implementing every possible bit of technology to mitigate the smell from the new plant

My proposition will ensure that this can be done. With the covering of PSTs, this not only mitigates the odour zone by half, it ensures hundreds of homes, two schools and a hotel are certain to be removed from the odour zone. Surely, this is exactly the type of improvement expected of a modern facility rebuild.’

Infrastructure Minister, Deputy Eddie Noel has previously said the extra cost can not be justified.

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