Smart Meter Usage ‘Years Ahead’ Of UK

24th August 2018

Every home and business in the island will have a ‘smart meter’ to monitor electricity use by the middle of next year.

Jersey Electricity is introducing the devices, which will mean the end of estimated bills and topping up charing keys at shops.

Meter readings will be a thing of the past. Image Credit: Jersey Electricity.

The energy company’s rollout is due to be completed mid-2019, and 80% of the island’s homes are already using new ‘smart meters’ to monitor their energy usage.

Jersey Electricity CEO, Chris Ambler, says is years ahead of the UK mainland:

“We’re quite proud of the progress we’ve made here. This is an £11 million project, and we estimate we’re somewhere around five years ahead of the UK on this system. These meters are being used elsewhere, but we’re well ahead of other jurisdictions.”

The company has also launched a new online ‘smart account’ for its customers to track their electricity usage online.

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