Show Of Support For Independent Lifeboat

26th November 2017

St Helier Lifeboat (Credit: RNLI)

Nearly 1,500 people have indicated support for an independent Jersey lifeboat service.
A Committee has been formed and its Facebook page is getting a strong following, with thousands joining the page in just two days.
Many are leaving message saying they will back the former St Helier’s crews efforts to go it alone.
The Jersey Independent Lifeboat Service Committee – chaired by former politician Phil Rondel and ex-lifeboatman Paul Battrick – says a giving page will be set up to raise the several million pounds that will be needed.

This message has been posted on the group’s Facebook page

There is also a petition calling for an inquiry into the breakdown of the relationship with the RNLI.
The first of three public meetings about what it will take to go independent is being held on Tuesday evening at the Town Hall.

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