School’s Out Forever For Headteacher

20th July 2018

It’s the end of term for thousands of Jersey school children, and their teachers. But it’s the end of an era at Plat Douet School.

Headteacher Suzanne Conoops is retiring after two decades there, and almost 40 years in the classroom.

In that time she estimates she has taught more than 100 children of past-pupils including 27 current students.

She is only the 4th headteacher in the school’s 50 year history.

Although she is retiring from the school, she will continue to work part-time as an adviser to the Education department.

Mrs Conoops has been telling Channel 103 one of her most important life lessons:

“It’s unlikely that happiness will just come your way. You have think about what actions you can do in order to ensure your happiness. Whether you want an academic career, whether you want to travel the world… you have to think ‘how am I going to achieve that goal’.”

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