Pub Closes Kitchen Amid Staff Crisis

8th August 2018

A popular Jersey pub has had to close its kitchen – after losing all of its chefs in a matter of weeks.

The manager of the Lamplighter says the difficulty in finding and bringing in key staff on affordable wages, due to fewer foreign workers coming to Jersey, means he’s unable to replace them.

Sean Murphy has placed a blackboard outside the pub telling people of the bad news – which says the kitchen will stay shut ‘until the situation changes’.

Mr Murphy isn’t confident that will happen quickly.

“It’s going to be very difficult. We’re at the height of the season now and with my wage structure, I’m not going to be able to entice anybody from anywhere else I don’t think.

“The wages being offered out there at the moment are above and beyond me.”

Mr Murphy wants the States to help his business and others like it.

“The States need to address this urgently, not just sit back and hope this will all disappear. I’m not sure what they can do, otherwise I’d be in the States myself!

“I appreciate that the island’s population can’t keep growing, but we as an industry need workers.

“I believe at the job centre yesterday, on the local website, there were 157 jobs available just in hospitality.”

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