All Police Staff To Get Smart Devices

4th December 2017
Every police officer in Jersey will soon be issued with a mobile phone or tablet.
SoJP is handing out devices to staff under the ‘Smart Police Project’.
The new man leading the force says he’s determined to lead an ‘effective and efficient force’.
Deputy Chief Officer Julian Blazeby heading up Jersey Police while Rob Bastable is unwell, and following Mike Bowron’s departure.
He has been telling Channel 103 he’s keen to save money where he can:
“We are rolling out devices to all out staff over the next couple of months – and that’s tablets or mobile phones.  Now our staff, instead of  having to come back to the police station to log on to a computer and generate some paperwork, can actually deal with things on the street and access their desktop out and about.  So that’s going to save time in terms of having to come back, and money.”
A ten-week long trial involving 44 officers from across all departments took place last year to see what impact it would have.  Half were equipped with devices.
Mr Blazeby says he aims to make the force more ‘visible’ – but that is not just about being seen on the streets.
His predecessor, Mike Bowron, was often lauded for walking the beat in his lunch break.
We have been asking Mr Blazeby about his approach.
“I am very keen to be visible, but visible in different ways. You may not always see me in the town centre, but if I am not there, my staff will be there. It is actually not just about me, there is a great team here and it is about the whole team.”

Mr Blazeby joined the States of Jersey Police 6 months ago, after heading up an Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation into the Hillsborough Disaster.
Prior to that role, he worked at several stations across the UK. That included a stint as Assistant Chief Constable at Staffordshire Police, where he allowed volunteers to help the station.
That could involve doing leaflet-drops or bike-marking on behalf of officers.
He says it is something he could incorporate here too.
“We need to decide if we are going to do it, – and it is an if – how we do that and what areas we want volunteers to help us in. Part of that will be consulting and getting suggestions from the public, but fundamentally it is about opening up the States of Jersey Police to work closer with the community.
“I would ask ‘why would we not do that?’. Many people volunteer in other sectors in Jersey and this would be an extension of that.”
Mr Blazeby confirmed to Channel 103 that he hopes that Rob Bastable will return ‘in the new year’.

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