Police Investigating After Puppy Poisoned

13th June 2018

Jersey Police are investigating after a dog was allegedly poisoned last night.

A tub of food, laced with what’s thought to be rat poison, was slid under the owner’s gate – which puppy Skye started to eat when let out in the garden.

She was rushed to the vets, made to be sick, and is now recovering at home.

Owner Tia explains her reaction to finding out what happened.

“I was absolutely gobsmacked to be honest. I actually cannot even believe that there is a human being out there that would do something like that – to slide it into my garden where my grandchildren play.

“I just can’t believe someone has gone and done that and I’m still shaking today. I can’t believe what could have been the outcome. She’s only 1. She’s only a puppy.”

Skye was out on her own when Tia’s husband Jack went out to the front garden and saw her licking the inside of the tub.

She then started drinking lots of water – which raised concerns that all was not right.

“I phoned the police and they said the pivotal thing to do was to take her to the vets first which we did do. They were under the impression that it was rat poison, so they induced sickness with her.

“She did bring up a load of stuff, but fortunately we were able to bring her home and she seems OK today.”

Police officers are to visit Tia’s home later today as part of their investigations.

Tia says she’s still in shock.

“They’re (the culprit(s)) obviously cowards for a start. I can’t believe there’s anyone out there that would do something like that, I really cannot believe it.

“What is going through their heads?”

Skye is going back to the vets tomorrow to get blood tests and make sure the poison is completely out of her system.

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