‘Overwhelming’ Support for Foster Dogs

13th November 2017
The JSPCA says it has been inundated with applications to foster dogs.
Last week we told you about a new Guardian Scheme for people to become temporary carers while the animals are waiting to find a forever home.
Babs Keywood from the Animals’ Shelter says they’ve had to stop accepting any new applications while they process the ones they’ve already received:
“It’s been really overwhelming. For full-time carers, we’ve had 21 applications and for part-time we’ve had 23. People are coming in every day to fill in application forms so that number will continue to rise. Thank you so much for all of the support. We can’t believe how many people have come forward – we’ve even had people who can’t offer a home but have asked if they can walk the dogs, so thank you from all the staff and animals at the Animal Shelter.”

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