Outrage Over Cat Cruelty Claim

19th October 2015

There has been outrage in Jersey to an alleged case of animal cruelty.

An islander has posted on Facebook that they witnessed a cat being hit by car, then the passenger trying to strangle and bludgeon the animal to death.

The incident in Grouville was reported to the police, and to the JSPCA whose duty officer was called to recover the dead cat.

Major Steve Coleman is disgusted.

He told Channel 103: ‘I would like to see the States Vet fully investigate it, along with the Police, and if needs be bring a case against the individual who ended this cat’s life in a brutal and horrific manner.’

He says it is not for an ordinary member of the public to determine whether or not an injured animal’s life can be saved by a vet.

The post on social media has been shared hundreds of times, and people have expressed horror at the alleged incident.

Jersey Police said: ‘We are aware of the incident and speaking with those involved.’

‘The States of Jersey Police would suggest to any motorists involved in collision with any animal that appears to be suffering, that they seek advice or assistance from a vet or the JSPCA.’

Nearly 2,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the law to changed so motorists are obliged to report road accidents involving cats to the Police.

Currently the traffic law covers dogs, horses and cattle.

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