Out-of-Season Seal Pup Rescued

14th June 2018

A ‘horrendously thin’ seal pup has been rescued in Jersey.

The grey seal, who has been named Iris, has been taken to the GSPCA in Guernsey.

She was found washed up near the slipway at La Braye in St Ouen’s Bay yesterday.

After being picked up by Jersey Divers Marine Life Rescue the seal was taken to New Era vets and cared for overnight.

She was transported to Guernsey early this morning by the boat which takes the newspapers to the island.

The GSPCA says Iris needs be at least double the 15 kilograms she is now to stand a chance of survival.

Grey seal pups are normally found on beaches in December and January.

“It is extremely unseasonal to see a grey seal pup at this time of year and Iris is extremely emaciated. We are all quite worried as we don’t know the reasons yet why she is such a bad condition.” – Geoff George, GSPCA.

The Animals’ Shelter is asking people in Guernsey to donate fish to feed Iris, and another seal in its care which is due to be released soon.

There is also a Justgiving page for donations towards their care.


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