No Groove de Lecq This Year

13th April 2018

(Credit: Groove De Lecq)

The annual Groove de Lecq festival will not be happening this year.
Organisers say they’re looking for a new venue to stage future events.
Since it began in 2012, the one-day charity fundraiser has generated £175,000 for local good causes.
Beth Gallichan from the Groove Collective expects the festival to return.
“It takes an enormous effort to put on Groove de Lecq and we just feel it’s appropriate for us to reassess how we can maximise the funds raised for the charities.
“We really need support from islanders so we’re looking for sponsors and new locations so we can grow and develop further in future years.”
It’s been based At Le Moullin de Lecq for the last five years and the group wants to move elsewhere going forward.
“We hope that by moving to a new location, we’ll be able to raise more funds for charity. £175,000 is incredible for five years for a very small event. We are hugely grateful to our supporters and we hope we can continue, but we do need help to achieve this.”

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