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World Cup: Tunisians ‘partying like they’ve won’ ahead of England clash

4:43 pm, 18th June 2018

Interviewing high-spirited supporters in Volgograd, Sky correspondent Enda Brady said they’d been “like this for hours”.

“And they’re still going,” he added. “They’re loving it!”

It is very open and very calm, Brady said, noting that England fans are nowhere near as confident as the Tunisians.

England are hoping to banish memories of 2014. Four years ago in Brazil, they crashed out without a win.

The weather is “wonderful”, Brady said, with a temperature of around 30C (86F).

Security is “pretty low-key”, and the only issue fans have faced is the “local mosquitoes following us around”.

It is a “brilliant atmosphere”, with everyone “mixing in” and “having fun”.

A group of England fans told Sky correspondent Diana Magnay, also in Volgograd, it had been “fantastic” with “no animosity at all”.

“If I knew it was going to be like this I would have brought my children,” one man said.

Around 2,500 England fans have travelled to the city, some of whom took on Russian fans in a kickabout.

“There was about 10 of us from England taking on about 10 Russian guys,” said Luke Fern from Stockport.

“It’s all good-natured. There doesn’t seem to be many five-a-side rules. It’s really good fun.”

One British citizen was detained on a train heading to Volgograd, the Interfax news agency said, after apparently getting into an altercation with a police officer.

A second man was also detained and treated in hospital for an injury to his hand.

They were later charged with minor hooliganism and being drunk in public.

More than 1,200 England fans with a history of causing trouble abroad have had their passports confiscated and the UK head of football policing is urging those present to be “great ambassadors” for their country.

“We want everyone to enjoy this World Cup, be the best guests possible and leave Volgograd with everyone talking about how great their English visitors have been,” said Mark Roberts, deputy chief constable of South Yorkshire Police.

Volgograd is the poorest of the 11 Russian cities hosting World Cup games, but the local population are big fans of English football – and Harry Kane in particular.

“I’m enjoying it, for sure,” the Spurs striker told reporters.

“Not a lot changes (being captain). I’m still the same person, same teammate.

“I’ve obviously been scoring more in training! I’m proud to be captain and I’m excited to get going.”