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Storm Ernesto set to bring wildfire smoke to Britain

11:53 am, 18th August 2018

Forecasters say the smell of the fires and small amounts of soot may be detectable when Storm Ernesto hits the UK from about 6pm on Saturday.

Ireland and the north of England will see the worst of the bad weather, but the storm will have cleared by mid-day on Sunday.

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The US National Hurricane Centre reported that Ernesto had winds of 45mph as it blew in over the Azores on Friday.

It was expected to become a post-tropical cyclone as it nears the British Isles.

Northwest England, Scotland, North wales and Northern Ireland will feel the blustery effects of the storm and western Ireland will see thicker cloud and stronger winds with persistent rain.

Sky News weather forecaster Chris England said: “Ernesto will mainly affect Ireland and the north and it should be gone by about mid-day on Sunday. It will bring windy and wet conditions.”

The weather for the rest of the country will bring a mix of sunny intervals and cloud but it should stay warm with temperatures reaching 25C or 26C (77F or 78.8F) on Saturday and Sunday, although high humidity will make it feel warmer.