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Sir Bruce Forsyth’s ashes laid to rest beneath stage at London Palladium

10:39 pm, 19th August 2018

The entertainer’s wife and six children gathered at the famous theatre for a private ceremony on Saturday, exactly a year after he passed away.

A blue plaque on the wall below the stage says Sir Bruce first hosted Sunday Night At The London Palladium in 1958, and performed his one man show there for the last time in 2015.

It adds that he was “without question the UK’s greatest entertainer”.

The plaque concludes: “He rests in peace within the sound of music, laughter and dancing… exactly where he would want to be.”

Sir Bruce’s widow, Lady Wilnelia, told The Mail on Sunday she misses him every day.

The star of Strictly Come Dancing and The Generation Game was taken to hospital in March 2017 with bronchial pneumonia.

Sir Bruce later returned to his home in Wentworth where he was not expected to make it through the night, but was “so happy to be in his own bed”.

That night, he told his wife there was something he wanted.

Lady Wilnelia said she had tears in her eyes as she asked him what it was.

Sir Bruce replied: “Can I have a sausage sandwich?”

He “really was joking until the last”, Lady Wilnelia told the paper.

After that traumatic episode, Sir Bruce lived for another five months.

For his final two weeks, his five daughters from previous marriages moved to the house in Berkshire.

Lady Wilnelia said: “He didn’t want to go. But when the time came, he was ready. He didn’t want to be the way he was. If he couldn’t be Bruce, he didn’t want to stay.”

The family was “all together” when Sir Bruce passed away.

Lady Wilnelia said: “I told him I loved him but I’ve done that for the last 34 years.

“Bruce died peacefully, surrounded by his children. I was holding his hand.

“Then a beautiful rainbow appeared which we will never forget.”