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Pull the other one! Is this the UK’s priciest pint? 

11:24 am, 28th August 2018

Speedway Stout Hawaiian Special Edition, which has 12% alcohol content, is brewed with “toasted coconut flakes, vanilla beans and rare Ka’u coffee beans”.

The AleSmith brewery, which makes the stout in California, has declared the dark-coloured drink a “scrumptiously roasty island beauty” – with ingredients sourced from Hawaii.

Although the price might be hard to swallow, the AleSmith brewery insists the pint “evokes imagery of sun-kissed shorelines at the time of year when such visions are needed most”.

The Craft Beer Co, which has pubs in London and Brighton, has been serving the drink to British punters keen to splash out on the stout.

Martin Hayes, managing director of the pub chain, told The Independent: “We sell the AleSmith Speedway Stout Hawaiian Special Edition by the 1/3 pint as standard.

“We do not stop people buying a 1/2 or even full pint should they wish, in the same way we do not stop people buying two or even three pints of standard strength lager.

“When we import into the UK and showcase some extremely rare and unusual beers that tend to be incredibly high in ABV (alcohol by volume), they do come at a premium prices.

“Being the original Craft Beer focused pubs in London, our business is curation, offering people an unmatched choice with unmatched hospitality and knowledge.

“We offer people a huge choice and our prices are always carefully calculated and incredibly good value.”

A study has found that most in the people in the UK believe a pint of beer in a pub is unaffordable.

A survey by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) found 56% of 2,000 adults thought a pint was too much, and only one in four respondents said prices were about right.