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Japanese shelf innovation cuts time wasted dealing with toilet lost property

2:20 pm, 23rd August 2018

Japanese firm NEXCO East has installed a new type of gadget shelf, which operates in conjunction with a door lock, in toilets at its motorway services across the country.

It has so far put in 61 shelves at eight locations in Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture and the design is patent pending.

The company says the new addition saves time, and consequently money, as employees now spend less than half the time they were before reuniting customers with lost gadgets.

The shelf is called an “accessory tray” and is attached to the lock on the inside of the door.

When the door is locked the shelf can carry small objects up to 1kg.

A sticker on the shelf, which is only visible when the door is locked, tells users that it is designed to store phones and other accessories.

When the doors is opened, anything stored on the shelf would fall off, encouraging people to take their gadgets with them.

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The company is hoping that the new shelf will reduce the amount of time employees spend with customers who have left items in toilets.

The company previously calculated that its employees spent 30 hours per month on dealing with lost property.

After the shelves were installed, staff spent just 12 hours per month.