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Grenfell Tower fire chief ‘had no training on cladding fires’

6:42 pm, 25th June 2018

Michael Dowden told an inquiry that he had received no training on evacuating high rise buildings with a stay put policy, and that he did not know combustible materials were being used as cladding.

He was the first incident commander on the scene when the blaze was reported just after midnight on 14 June 2017.

It also emerged that the plan of the building likely to have been used during the blaze, which included details on floor numbers and tenants, dated back to October 2009, before the building was refurbished.

It stated that there were only 20 floors on the building, rather than the 23 floor after the refit.

Guidance issued by the London Fire Brigade in July 2016 stressed the “need to understand what products are being used in the facade system and their fire behaviour”, but Mr Dowden said he was not aware of it.

Mr Dowden is one of seven members of the London Fire Brigade to give evidence in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, which is gathering information on the fire that killed 72 people last year.

He will continue giving evidence at 9.30am on Tuesday.