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Eddie Jones calls for England to show pride in next performance

1:25 am, 17th June 2018

Speaking after his side’s sixth successive defeat, England head coach Jones said: “I’m obviously very disappointed. We started the game well but it was a bit like a horror movie.

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“It was a like a rerun of last week,” he added, referring to the first Test encounter in Johannesburg in which England succumbed to the Boks 42-39 after a similarly promising start.

“We were trying to work out a solution and pick out a plan… [but] as soon as something small happens we don’t seem to react well.”

When asked about England’s bleak recent run of form Jones described it as “a tough period”.

“No one wants to lose five [successive] Tests,” he said. “For some reason we’re just not handling those key moments of the game.

“This team has got a lot of pride, we’ve won back-to-back Six Nations, equalled the record for wins. Now we’re going through this bloody tough period.

“Everyone will fight hard to get out of this, you’ll see at Cape Town,” he added of the third and final Test next weekend, which is live on Sky Sports, saying the team wanted to “get our pride back”.

“It’s sticking together, understanding what’s important in handling the emotions of the situation. To beat South African teams in South Africa, you’ve got to play well and play well consistently.”