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Donald Trump tells ‘whimpering’ comedian Jimmy Fallon: ‘Be a man!’

7:31 am, 25th June 2018

The US president hit out at Fallon who recently said he “made a mistake” in his handling of Mr Trump on The Tonight Show during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The former Saturday Night Live star said he was “devastated” by the “gang mentality” of his critics after losing more than a fifth of his audience.

In a tweet, Mr Trump said: “@jimmyfallon is now whimpering to all that he did the famous ‘hair show’ with me (where he seriously messed up my hair), & that he would have now done it differently because it is said to have “humanized” me – he is taking heat.

“He called & said “monster ratings.” Be a man Jimmy!”

Following Mr Trump’s criticism, Fallon said he will make a donation to the Refugee And Immigrant Centre For Education And Legal Services in the politician’s name.

The president is currently under intense criticism for a policy of separating children of illegal immigrants from their parents at the border.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Fallon described how his September 2016 interview with Mr Trump affected him.

He said of his critics: “Do you want to push me more? What do you want me to do? You want me to kill myself? What would make you happy? Get over it.”