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Clarks boss Mike Shearwood quits after conduct investigation

4:52 pm, 25th June 2018

Mike Shearwood, the retailer said, had faced claims “contrary to the family-owned company’s code of business ethics.”

OIts statement said: “Clarks recently learned that aspects of Mr Shearwood’s conduct, conversations and expressions fell short of the behaviours expected of all its employees on a number of occasions.

“In these circumstances the Board has accepted Mr Shearwood’s resignation.

“Clarks named Stella David, formerly the company’s senior independent director as interim chief executive officer effective immediately.”

The nature of the allegations against Mr Shearwood were not disclosed.

He had been in the post for less than two years and it was during his leadership that Somerset-based Clarks announced it was to return to manufacturing in the UK for the first time since 2006 with a new factory beside its HQ.

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