New Plastic-Free Shop In Jersey

19th June 2018

Credit: Mini Mall

A new plastic-free shop is due to open in town early next month.

Mini Mall will be based in Hilgrove Street, with a range of bulk buy wholefoods and local organic produce available.

Owner Sonya Lavery explains why she wanted to do this.

“It was formed from my own frustration in trying to shop more ethically and without packaging. I was finding that I was having to go to numerous different places and never find everything.

“So I thought, if you can’t find it in the store, you have to do something about it yourself!”

The offerings will include:

– self serve bulk wholefood (dispensing- BYO containers- weigh YO food)
– sustainable packaging: household products
– sustainable packaging: self-care products (mostlyvegan approved)
– sustainable children’s clothing & gifts
– self- serve salad bar (vegetarian and vegan food only)
– self serve coffee machine (no single use cups in the house – please BYO)
– self serve orange juicer (load your oranges and glass of juice within 30 seconds)
– small but perfectly formed cafe area (window counter and high stools)
– organic fruit and veg (local suppliers) & local produce

Sonya hopes people will see that going plastic-free is the best way forward.

“Initially it will be people who care about that (being plastic-free), but then hopefully it will catch on and people will see that they don’t need all of this when going to the supermarket and that there’s an alternative.

“That’s what I’m trying to offer, an alternative for people.”

It’s not the only plastic-free experience being offered however.

A new Organic Food Cooperative will look to sell waste free produce from Vermont Farm in St Brelade.

The farm shop is managed by organic farmers John and Margaret Hamon, which will now be reopened and managed by the cooperative.

It’s due to open in September.

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