New Plans Submitted For £40M School

17th July 2017

New plans have been submitted for the £40 million Les Quennevais School.
An initial application was refused in February, after an independent planning inspector expressed “considerable reservations” about a number of issues.
These included problems with the site layout and the safety of traffic and parking arrangements.
The Education Minister, Deputy Rod Bryans, is confident the new plans have satisfied all of those concerns.
“There were various areas that the Planning Inspector brought to peoples’ attention.
“He wasn’t particularly happy with certain aspects relating to the car park and the way traffic moved around, but the the architectural team at Jersey Property Holdings has worked on that now.
“They’ve equally shown the design to the Architectural Commission, who also had some sort of ideas that they wanted changed.
“That has been incorporated now, so now we’ve got he fully fleshed out new version.”

Deputy Rod Bryans, The Education Minister

Staff were forced to close the existing school building at the end of June, after a water leak caused damage to an area of the ceiling.
Deputy Bryans has praised staff for the way they managed the situation, but he says the building is no longer “fit for purpose”.
“It’s fit for purpose in the sense that it’s still an effective building, but there’s too many students in that one building,” he clarifies.

The £40 million new school will be built on fields south of La Rue Carrée, along La Route des Quennevais – a site approved by 67% of people who responded to a public consultation in 2015.
It’s still hoped it will be ready by September 2020 – as per the original plan.
Deputy Bryans insists this remains a realistic target, but he’s hoping there will be no further setbacks.
“We know there is an absolute need for this school to be built, we are focused on that.”
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