New Mental Health Support In Emergencies

1st December 2017
Mental health nurses will be on call overnight and at weekends to accompany police and paramedics where there’s concern for a person’s mental wellbeing.
They’ll accompany the emergency services responding to incidents and giving advice by phone to make sure that person’s being looked after.
Jo Poynter from the Health Department says it’ll help stop those in distress ending up in Police cells:
“What we want is a responsive service, so that people who require the support for mental health issues, get support in a timely way, in the right place. It can make sure that people don’t end up waiting in cells or are left to the situation which ends up escalating.
“Although it’s in it’s early stages, we’re encouraged that it’s been used several times already and that people are getting expert help and the right intervention when they need it most.”

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