New Law To Improve Rented Homes

11th September 2018

A new law that will set basic standards for rented homes is due to get final approval by Jersey’s government later.

If that happens, from 1st October landlords will have to make sure their properties meet minimum health and safety requirements before they can be rented to tenants.

States Members will be asked today to agree the Appointed Day Act for the Public Health and Safety (Rented Dwellings) Law. It was agreed by the previous government and has been going through the official law-making process since last December.

The new rules give the authorities powers to act if rented homes pose a hazard.  Enforcement officers will be able to serve notices on landlords demanding remedial action.

“Most landlords do a fantastic job. We need really good, professional, private landlords. What this will do is make sure the ones that perhaps aren’t doing such a good job can be encouraged… persuaded – however you want to put it – to do a decent job.” – Stewart Petrie, Director of Environmental Health.

“It has been a long time in the making – I think about six years. It’s been a missing part of Jersey’s legislation to help us improve the situation for rental dwellings. What it will put in place is a legal framework to help the Environmental Health team achieve improvements.” – Environment Minister Deputy John Young

*Photos supplied by States of Jersey

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