New Farm Equipment To Cut Fertilisers By 20%

17th February 2017


New farming technology which could reduce the amount of fertilisers used on potato crops by up to 20% is due to be unveiled today.

Engineers have invented a new machine which applies chemicals directly to the seeds instead of spreading them over the whole field.

It’s hoped the equipment will have a positive effect on the island’s water quality.

The agricultural industry is being pushed to use more environmentally friendly techniques, following the discovery of a farming chemical in Val De La Mare reservoir.

Mike Renouard, the Technical Director at the Jersey Royal Company, says: “We all know we’ve got high nitrate levels in our ground waters over here.

“The industry has been targeted with trying to reduce that, so this is a major step towards reducing nitrate levels going into the soil.”

The Environment Minister, Deputy Steve Luce, will be at the presentation of the new equipment, which is taking place in a field in St Saviour.

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