National Trust Buys St Catherine’s Fields

24th July 2018

The National Trust has had it’s bid accepted to buy agricultural fields overlooking St Catherine’s Bay.

The land, known as Pine Walk, was purchased from the States for an undisclosed sum.

It comes just weeks after the Trust missed out on acquiring a stretch of coastline at St Ouen’s Bay.

Trust Chief Executive Charles Alluto says he’s delighted to be able to offer permanent long-term landscape protection.

“We made a pledge a number of years ago that we’d protect another 1000 vergées of coastline within the next 20 years and we’re obviously looking to achieve that. But we need partners and by working with the States of Jersey, we can help fulfill that objective.

“I think it’s important that people see us as guardians of the coastline and work with us to achieve that aim.”

The Trust says that when contracts are passed, it will look to undertake some limited, but much needed, tree surgery work to prolong the life of the landmark Pine Trees.

It will also seek a tenant for the fields.

Infrastructure Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis signed the ministerial decision to sell the farmland in St Martin to the trust.

“We proposed to sell these fields as part of our land management programme. They are not needed for our core activities so we put them out to tender to generate the best possible income for islanders. I considered all the bids tabled, and the National Trust provided the best value for our community.

“I am very pleased to be able to sell the land to the National Trust, securing both the best financial outcome and the best community value for islanders. I know some have been concerned about the future of this beautiful spot, and I hope they can now rest assured that it will remain in good hands.

“The National Trust is in a unique position to be able to provide long term protection and public access to sensitive areas of our island.”

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