More Charging Points For Electric Vehicles

25th July 2018

Electric-vehicle owners in Jersey could soon have as many as 50 new charging points to use.

Jersey Electricity is expanding it’s network, replacing the old chargers that need a subscription, in favour of drivers just paying for the electricity they use.

The latest charger is currently being trialled and when that finishes, it will upgrade the existing charge points.

Energy Solutions Manager Ian Wilson, in charge of the upgrade, explains the increased benefits for electric vehicle owners.

“They look great. The existing network to the new smart chargers and rather than drivers having a key to turn these chargers on and off, they’ll either have a card or app on their mobile phone. 

“They’ll be able to look at the amount of energy they using on their vehicles and so on.”

The JEC is also calling on the States to help facilitate an extension of the network to locations outside of St Helier.

“Our aim is to extend Jersey’s public network to around 50 charging points but we can’t do this without support and engagement from the States of Jersey with whom we continue to work closely.

“Transport currently accounts for a third of the island’s total emissions and we see it as the next big step in reducing carbon. Jersey now has a virtually de-carbonised electricity supply which is the envy of many larger countries.”

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