Missing Out On Ministries

18th June 2018

Jersey’s former Environment Minister says it has been a challenging time missing out on any ministerial responsibilities in the new government.

St Martin Deputy Steve Luce had wanted to continue in his previous job, but lost out to the Chief Minister’s choice – Deputy John Young.

“It’s been difficult. A little bit challenging. I put myself forward for two positions and I wasn’t successful for either of those. Obviously that’s disappointing, but I just look forward to doing whatever I can to continue the work that I started in my three and half years as Minister.”

He’s revealed to Channel 103 that by the time he’d decided he would like to be Assistant Environment Minister it had already been assigned to new St Lawrence Deputy Gregory Guida.

A full list of Assistant Ministers can be found here.

Deputy Luce – who also does not have a seat on any Scrutiny Panels – says he will focus on his parish duties.

“I have always put my parish first… this will give me a lot more time… When I am not doing parish work I will be looking to do whatever I can to help the government move forward with their objectives.”

He says he hopes to continue doing some Brexit work, assisting External Relations Senator Ian Gorst.

Meanwhile another Steve in Jersey politics has been telling Channel 103 he is over the disappointment of not being a Minister in the new government, despite his success in last month’s island-wide election.

Senator Steve Pallett has been made Assistant Minister at both Health and Economic Development.  He will work alongside Senator Lyndon Farnham and Deputy Richard Renouf.

“You have got to move on, and I think that having the opportunity to work with two people I respect is a good opportunity… I am going to look it very much as a positive. It allows me to get on with some of the work I was campaigning for during the election. I want to move on with the positives rather than dwell on things that I can’t change.”

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