Ministers To Address ‘Cat Hit and Runs’

8th September 2018

A petition to outlaw drivers from hitting cats and driving off has reached 1,000 signatures in less than 48 hours.

Under the current laws, motorists have to stop and report hitting dogs, but the law isn’t the same for cats.

More than 1,200 islanders want to see that change and have signed the e-petition started by animal lovers Sandra Jasmins, Jo Abraham and Christine Jackson.

The petition has been one of the fastest-growing on the new States of Jersey Petitions website.

Rather than wanting to see drivers blamed, the petition only calls for traffic accidents involving cats to be ‘reportable’ to the JSPCA, owner or Honorary Police – as they are with other animals.

It also suggests the cost of changing legislation could be generated through licenses owned by domestic cat owners.

One of the people behind the petition, Christine told Channel 103 that cats should be treated in a similar way to the current laws for dogs:

“I know people will say that there are other animals too, but this will be a really good start. To consider that cats are as important as other animals should be considered in the law in terms of being able to help them.

“Most cat owners have their pets chipped so they can be easily traced and contacted, meaning the animals can be treated humanely and don’t have to suffer.”

You can read more about the campaign on the States of Jersey Petitions website.

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