Minister’s Foreshore Response “Nonsense”

7th August 2018

The States Complaints Board has slammed the Infrastructure Minister’s response to its findings about homes encroaching on the foreshore at Greve D’Azette.

Earlier this year, the panel found in Julian Mallinson and Alan Luce’s favour.

Both islanders complained after being fined thousands of pounds by the previous Minister and Jersey Property Holdings for part of their properties being on public land.

The panel has issued a further statement after having received a reply from the new Minister,Deputy Kevin Lewis, to its conclusions.

“In his reply to the Board’s findings, the Minister appears to consider that all property owned by the Public should be dealt with on the same basis. That is clearly nonsense. Some property may be held for entirely commercial purposes, some for the provision of public services and some for more esoteric public benefit, like monuments and sites of special interest. The Board does not consider it to have been appropriate that JPH approached negotiations on an exclusively commercial basis.”

Chairman Geoffrey Crill believes the two homeowners were treated unfairly, and says he is surprised Deputy Lewis is maintaining that 16 months was an appropriate period to resolve the dispute.

He says the negotiations were ‘unnecessarily protracted’ and caused a lot of stress.

The Board has repeated its call for a  ‘clear policy’ on the foreshore boundary to be adopted and the two men to be refunded any difference in agreed compensation terms.

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