Minister Defends Asbestos Response

8th September 2018

The Social Security Minister has defended her official response to a petition on providing compensation to mesothelioma sufferers.

Deputy Judy Martin said that while a scheme is being considered, those impacted by the disease may be able to claim against their employer and should seek relevant advice.

The Social Security Minister, Deputy Judy Martin.

But June Summer Shaw, who launched the petition, called that answer disappointing – saying there was no consideration to the fact that an asbestos-related illness can take years to present itself, by which time employers can go out of business and be difficult to find.

Deputy Martin says that concern will be covered, and urges patience:

“There’s nothing in my response or the Council’s response to say we wouldn’t look at a scheme that doesn’t cover employers who’ve gone out of business or don’t exist any more. That’s exactly what the new scheme in the UK does do, so I’m surprised – and sorry to hear – that the person who set up the petition doesn’t feel those parts will be covered.

“We want to get something that works for Jersey, and not keep revising it so if there are things that have been done in other places – like the UK – we can go in and near enough get it right, although it will take a bit of time.”

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